A paradise only a few hours away from Manila.


Fishing in Zambales

Fishing is a livelihood to a lot of locals in Zambales. The Philippine watercraft, also known as the “banka”, can accommodate two anglers bottom fishing and trolling. Quite slow and narrow compared to fishing boats, so get ready to occasionally get wet during the ride.

Bottom fishing can bring in a variety of snappers, jacks, trevallies and groupers. Trolling on the otherhand can get you the pelagics such as Dorados, Skipjacks, King Mackerels, Wahoos and occasional billfish species.

We recommend the followiing bait/lures and terminal tackle for fishing:

Bottom/Drift Fishing: Water dept in good fishing areas are around 70-80 meters deep so 2-4 oz sinkers or jigs will help you reach the bottom. Size #2 to #6 hooks, 20-40lbs (mono during the day and wire at night) leaders and 12-20lbs main line (best if braid) are ideal. Fresh or live shrimp during the day and fresh squid or small sardines at night.

Trolling: 9cm to 14cm (CD9-CD14) diving lures in dark silver/black (cloudy), shiny blue and green flavors (sunny) has worked best for me. A short wire leader (6-24 inches) is a must on a minimum of 30lbs setup.

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