A paradise only a few hours away from Manila.


Standard Boat Rates and Fees

These are the current and standard boat rental fees in Pundaquit. Bear in mind that you will not just be renting a boat. You will also be hiring a guide to look out for you, life vests to keep you safe and secured, and you will be giving locals fair and decent ways to earn with what they know and can share through tourism. I have seen, heard and witnessed people haggling inconsiderately as if boat maintenance, fuel, manpower and a boatman’s time is free. I honestly hate them and will never deal with them. Stop haggling! We all know you earn a better living compared to the locals of Pundaquit.  Help build communities and help a local earn a decent living.

Rates for island and cove hopping:

Camara Island: P700.00
Capones Island: P800.00
Anwangin Cove: P900.00
Camara and to Capones: P900.00
Camara and to Capones and to Anawangin: P1,500.00
Nagsasa Cove or Silanguin Cove: P1,500.00
Anawangin entrance fee is P50/head and P150/head for an overnight stay

For an overnight stay, an additional P500.00 will be charged. The boatman will watch over you and your group while the boat will be parked near where you will be setting up camp. This ensures that you will be safe from strangers and if an emergency occurs, the boat will always be ready to leave for town. You may also ask our boatman to cook your lunch for you (rice and viand) for an extra fee (cooking and ingedients) before leaving shore.

Other things you can rent:

Tent (good for 2 persons): P400.00 per night
Lantern (inclusive of kerosene gas): P200 per night


Normal trolling and bottom fishing along nearby banks, islands and coves from 5am till 5pm is P1,500.00 (inclusive of fuel). Suggested occupancy is two anglers per trip. Two rod holders and a gaff will be on the boat which you can use. You may stay at the islands or coves during lunch and take a nap for an hour or two while waiting for the the slack of the tide. You may also ask our boatman to cook your lunch for you (rice and viand) for an extra fee (cooking and ingedients) before leaving shore.

Common species caught trolling plugs and skirts are King Mackerels, Skipjack Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna and occasional Sailfish, Marlins and Dorado. While bottom fishing techniques during night and/or day may bring in different types of groupers, jacks and tuna species.


If by any chance our boat is unavailable for the said date, or you and your friends are at the max capacity of our boat, you may contact our boatman and he can refer you to their group of guides and boatmen in Pundaquit.