A paradise only a few hours away from Manila.


Surfing in Zambales

During the monsoon season, surfers from different parts of Manila and from North of Luzon, travel to their favorite surfing paradise. Pundaquit was a previous location for Stonemney’s seminars and from then on, locals have adapted to riding the waves and swells of nearby shores.

It’s common to see locals surfing in Pundaquit. As a matter of fact, some beach resorts and locals rent out long and short boards and will be more than willing to teach you the basics for a small fee.

Surfboards in Zambales Surfing in Zambales Waves of Zambales

The best time to visit Pundaquit for your surfing adventure is the rainy and typhoon season. Low pressure areas from the open ocean build up wind. This then build up waves that drive different heights of swells that can bring even professional surfer the thrill of visiting and riding the waves of Pundaquit season after season.

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