A paradise only a few hours away from Manila.


San Antonio Public Market

The public market is not actually located in Pundaquit, rather it’s right beside the municipal hall of San Antonio, which is the last town before you reach your destination. It’s best that you buy your goods and water here before heading towards the town of Pundaquit.

The public market’s fresh fish comes from nearby fishing villages and are delivered as early as 6AM. Fish is cheaper here compared to Manila. Yellowfin Tuna meat can go as low as P120 per kilo (great for kilawin and sashimi) during the seasonal catch. Juvenile and other tuna species such as Skipjacks, Bonito and Yellowfin can go as low as P70 per kilo. Dorados, Snappers, Groupers, Shrimps and Squid are frequently available specially during the morning.

It’s always best to buy them fresh and either have them cooked at your resort’s kitchen (for a fee) or grilled at your cottage for lunch or dinner. Freshwater fish are also available, so is pork, beef and chicken.

The public market usually holds a seasonal weekend bazaar. You might want to buy a few pasalubong for your neighbors and friends such as mangoes or bagoong (shrimp paste).

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