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Surfing in Zambales

During the monsoon season, surfers from different parts of Manila and from North of Luzon, travel to their favorite surfing paradise. Pundaquit was a previous location for Stonemney’s seminars and from then on, locals have adapted to riding the waves and swells of nearby shores.

It’s common to see locals surfing in Pundaquit. As a matter of fact, some beach resorts and locals rent out long and short boards and will be more than willing to teach you the basics for a small fee.

Surfboards in Zambales Surfing in Zambales Waves of Zambales

The best time to visit Pundaquit for your surfing adventure is the rainy and typhoon season. Low pressure areas from the open ocean build up wind. This then build up waves that drive different heights of swells that can bring even professional surfer the thrill of visiting and riding the waves of Pundaquit season after season.

Nagsasa Cove Zambales

Nagsasa Cove is twice the distance of Anawangin Cove from the shores of Pundaquit Zambales. The place is inhabited but occasional Aetas who travel around and will be willing to accompany you if ever you decide to trek the hills and forests behind the cove or nearby mountains.

Streams and waterfalls run water down from the mountains and will sometimes be a better place to hang out as the water can be cooler compared to the water from the beach. But they dry out during the hot summer and dry seasons.

Nagsasa Cove Stream in Zambales 1 Nagsasa Cove Stream in Zambales 2 Nagsasa Cove Stream in Zambales 3 Nagsasa Cove Stream in Zambales 4

Nagsasa Cove is not as popular as Anawangin Cove, but both share the beauty and pristine silence of nature away from town. Very few people have seen this place, but those very few people will share their experience and will tell you that Nagsasa Cove is worth a visit.

Nagsasa Cove may not be as homie for campers compared to the development Anawangin Cove has. There are no facilities here nor mobile phone signal as well. Make sure you are referred by a friend or by us when you hire a boatman to take you to the cove or inform your resort’s caretaker you itenirary so they are aware of where you are going and time you will be spending out of the resort.

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Island Hopping in Zambales

Being almost parallel to the view of the two islands, Pundaquit is the perfect jump off point to visit Camara island and Capones island. It is recommended to leave early morning and pack your breakfast so you can have a picnic at Camara island.

Capones island is another 15 to 20 minutes boatride away from Camara and offers a lot more shaded area where you can spend the rest of the day or go on a short trek up the lighthouse and enjoy the view of Zambales and the horizon facing the China Sea.

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Trekking Mt. Pundaquit

Although there’s not a lot of flora and fauna to feast your eyes on, nature lovers will still delight on the strikingly erratic landscape of Zambales. The best way to admire the beautiful scenery is by trekking through the panoramic backdrops. Only be sure to take a guide with you if you wish to venture out for the first time. If you do not have a definite path, you may very well end up walking the whole day and circling areas that are virtually uninhabited.

First time hikers must be wary most of dehydration and heatstroke. Zambales is a relatively safe place with friendly, accommodating locals and a low crime rate; but it’s still best to keep your guard up. You should always hire a guide to accompany you as the forests of Zambales has some interesting animals like wild Carabaos, Boars, Cats, Chickens and Lizards. Your guide can help you if in case you come face to face with these animals and he will be carrying necessary gears to protect you with this uncommon encounter.

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Camping in Zambales

Your camping adventure in Pundaquit may turn out to be different than what most people who stay on top of mountains or foot of famous hills or valleys. Pundaquit offers campers a place closer to the ocean. A night of camping near shore offers a lot of memorable things to do and share with your friends.

The most common camping area in Pundaquit is at the shores and behind the banks of Anawangin Cove. The place has been popular to tourists coming mainly from Manila and spending a night or two with their tents set up just a few meters from the shore. With fresh water available from a nearby poso (artesian well) and a kerosene lamp at the caretaker’s hutt, the only thing you’ll need to bring is your tent, food, water and some clothes to survive a few days and nights.
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