A paradise only a few hours away from Manila.


Barangay Pundaquit (Pundakit)

Pundaquit Arial PhotoPundaquit is a fishing village located in San Antonio, Zambales. The primary livelihood in this small, yet lively and beautiful town is fishing and tourism. Locals who speak both Ilocano and Zambal, also speak Tagalog as well. They will be more than willing help you if you ever lose your way to the winding roads from the town traveling to the beaches of Pundaquit.

nagsasa-cove-zambalesThis town is primarily known for its calm and clean beaches compared to its neighboring towns. Even if Pundaquit is facing the open ocean of the China Sea, it maintains its calm shorelines as it isĀ  sheltered by Capones and Camara islands. It is also the best jump off point if you want to visit the Camara Island, Capones Island and Anawangin Cove since it is the closest shores to these destinations.

Very few people have gone to the farther, more pristine coves known as Nagsasa Cove and Sinlanguin Cove where a few friendly and hospitable Aetas live in harmony with nature. Unknown to many, these coves offer a more relaxed and quiet environment for tourists and campers alike during their stay and adventures in Zambales.

The one hour boat ride to these two coves will be worth the money and time spent once you step on the fine white and grayish sands of its shoreline.

pundaquit-zambales-surfingInshore recreation such as watercraft rides, island tours, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and camping are very common in this part of Zambales. Surfing during the monsoon season is popular amongst locals and tourists alike. Locals and resort owners who own surf boards rent them out for a fairly good price and will be happy to teach you the basics and precautions of surfing the waves of Pundaquit.

pundaquit-zambales-turtlesAnglers or sport fishing fanatics also enjoy both inshore and offshore angling along the banks and leas of the nearby islands. The offshore waters of Pundaquit is a place that is teeming with sea creatures and wildlife. Occasional visits and sightings of marlins, swordfish, dolphins and whales are a few things you can look out for when you go fishing or island hopping. Sea turtles are the most frequent visitors of Pundaquit since this is where they go and lay their eggs mostly during the cold months of December till February.